[ nɛt:bjʊəroʊ ]

Compund word:

Nett - from Norwegian: see [internet]
Bureau - from French: desk, office, originally a kind of cloth (used to cover desks, etc.).


Nettbureau is a Norwegian company with a curious name, countless computers and copious amounts of coffee.

We create, own and operate a number of useful digital services (and some not-so-useful ones, like Bæ.no). Most of our users have visited one of our websites without knowing it was owned by Nettbureau. Just the way we like it. Our services are the ones to shine, and we spend most of our marketing efforts on them. Like «le Bureau», we prefer to operate in the background.

Throughout the years we have specialized in helping people and businesses compare and switch to the right provider and the right product. Be it everything from discovering a better broadband deal, to finding a local realtor or identifying the best moving company in town.

Today, we are one of Scandinavia's leading providers of comparison services, and are expanding across Europe – with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.